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Crochet Rainbow Playmat


Hello there!

I decided to start this blog by posting the pattern to make one of the most popular items in my shop Yaguareté: my CROCHET RAINBOW PLAYMAT. This rug will certainly brighten up any room!

It is a wonderful pattern for crochet beginners willing to learn how to make increases and work in circles.

Final measure is approx 37” (94cm) of diameter, but you can easily modify this.


– 1 hook L (US) / 8 mm

– 1 hook M (US) / 9 mm

– Chunky / Bulky weighted yarn in purple, turquoise, green, yellow, orange and red.

– Tapestry needle to loose yarn ends and scissors.


ch: chain

sl st: slip stitch

SC: single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK)

DC: double crochet (US) / treble (UK)


Ready? Grab your L (8 mm) hook!!  Our playmat begins with a Magic Circle. If you are not familiar with this, you can check this photo tutorial I’ve found in Pinterest: CLICK HERE

1) With purple yarn, make a single magic circle. Crochet 3 ch (count as 1 DC) and 11 DC inside the circle. Pull yarn to close the circle and join with sl st to 3rd chain (12 DC).

Playmat 1

Playmat 2.jpg

Playmat 3.jpg

2) ch 3 (count as 1st DC) and make 2 DCs in each DC from the previous round. Join with sl st to 3rd chain (24 DC).

Playmat 5

 3) ch3, * DC in next DC, 2 DC in next DC ** repeat from * to ** until the end of round (36 DC). Join next color (turquoise in the photo) with sl st to 3rd chain:

Playmat 6

4) ch 3, * DC in each of next 2 DC, 2 DC in next DC **  repeat from * to ** until the end of round.  Join with sl st to 3rd chain.

Playmat 8.jpg

Continue working increasing the number of single DCs before 2 DCs on the same DC: in round 5) you’ll make * DC in each of next 3 DC, 2 DC in next DC **, in round 6) you’ll make * DC in each of next 4 DC, 2 DC in next DC **, and so on.

For the playmat in the photo I worked 4 rounds of each color, except purple (3 rounds).

Once you crochet 4 rounds of red, change hook to M (9 mm) and work 1 round of SC in each DC. The change of hook is made to prevent the border of the rug from being too tight and fold either downwards or upwards.

Cut yarn, fasten off, and enjoy!!!


Purple: 3 rounds of DCs.

Turquoise, Green, Yellow and Orange: 4 rounds of DCs in each color.

Red: 4 rounds DC + 1 round SC

If you have any doubt or need help, leave me a message in the comments box.

Thanks for stopping by, and HAPPY CROCHETING!!

Firma 2 transp



3 thoughts on “Crochet Rainbow Playmat

  1. Thank you for posting all the details. I am moving into a home with all wood floors and will need nice splashes of colors for the floor.


  2. Hello, I love your rug! a question, can I replicate the bulky yarn by holding two strands of #4 yarn together? I have tons of yarn that I would like to use before buying more. Thank you for your time


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