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Today I wanted to share my Seed Stitch Dishcloth knitting pattern. Seed stitch is my favourite pattern for washcloths, since it combines an extra absorbent texture with a great scrubbie power. Plus is very easy to make!!

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Seed Stitch rich texture

So, if you’re a knitter in search of an easy and quick project, for yourself or to make some wonderful gifts, this is for you!

I hope you enjoy it!!


8.75’’ (22.5 cm) square

You can easily modify these measures.


– 1 straight needle US 8 (5 mm) for Cast on and Bind Off

– 1 pair of straight needles US 7 (4.5 mm)

– Approx. 110 yd (100 m) of Worsted / Aran yarn.

– Tapestry needle to loose yarn ends and scissors.

– OPTIONAL: stitch markers.


18.5 sts x 25 rows in stocking st with US 7 (4.5 mm) needles = 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm)

(Although gauge is not very important in this project…)


CO: cast on

St: stitch

P: purl

K: knit


– CO 40 sts with US 8 (5 mm) needles.

I always cast on and bind off stitches with larger needles than I use for the main work. This prevent my cast on and bind off rows from being too tight.

– With US 7 (4.5 mm) needles knit 6 rows (Garter Stitch preparation rows).

Slip first stitch on every row as if you were to knit it, but without knitting it (except on the first row). It will form a nicer border.

– Work (5 garter st, 30 seed sts, 5 garter st) each row, until you reach the desired length for your washcloth.

Seed Stitch

Seed stitch consists of single knits and purls that alternate horizontally and vertically.

Row 1) * k1, p1 ** Repeat from * to ** until the end of row.

Row 2) * p1, k1 ** Repeat from * to ** until the end of row.

Repeat these 2 rows.

– Knit 6 rows (Garter Stitch ending rows).

– Bind Off with US 8 (5 mm) needles.

– Cut yarn and loose ends with tapestry needle.


Foto 5 Pattern

I also use a couple as placemats 🙂


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