ROOF TILES Stitch Pattern

Skill level: beginner. Only knits and purls! You can see more beginner stitch knitting patterns here.

Over a multiple of 12 sts.

ROOF TILES knitting pattern roof tiles stitch pattern ohlalana


The instructions between brackets correspond to the grey coloured part on the chart. Repeat it as many times as needed.

Row 1) k all row

Row 2) [(k1, p5) x 2]

Row 3) k all row

Row 4) [k1, p5, k6]

Row 5) k all row

Row 6) [k1, p5, k6]

Row 7) k all row

Row 8) [(k1, p5) x 2]

Row 9) k all row

Row 10) [(k1, p5) x 2]

Row 11) k all row

Row 12) [k7, p5]

Row 13) k all row

Row 14) [k7, p5]


• Read all odd rows from right to left, and all even rows from left to right.
• Repeat the grey painted part as many times as you need.

roof tiles stitch knitting pattern ohlalana

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