BEGINNER Blanket MKAL 2022

Hello, and welcome to my BEGINNER Blanket MKAL 2022 information summary page and FAQ! In this post you will find some idea of what the project is, as well as the general information and materials for each size (yes, it comes in 2 sizes and I’ll tell you why below). Although we start this project onContinue reading “BEGINNER Blanket MKAL 2022”

WHALE knitting pattern

WHALE knitting pattern 🐳 – BLOCK 24 of Beginner Blanket MKAL 2020 I love whales so much!! 🐳💙🐳💙🐳💙This pattern was bound to be in this collection 😊 Enjoy your knitting, Ceci PS: if you support me on Patreon or made a donation for my “BEGINNER BLANKET MKAL 2020” please check your email inbox  –> Do you want to see thisContinue reading “WHALE knitting pattern”

Beginner Blanket MKAL 2020 – Intro and FAQ

Welcome to my first Beginner Level MKAL of 2020! We’ll be knitting a blanket of blocks with the theme: animals, plants and transport. I hope you join me! Love, Ceci.