APRIL in Oh La Lana!

Oh La Lana! april 2019

APRIL in Oh La Lana!

Hello my dear knitting friends!

I’m so excited to share with you all the projects I’ve been working on (or still am) and which will be published in my blog or stores during April:

LACE DIAMONDS Blanket. 4 sizes. Intermediate pattern. FREE pattern for ALL my patrons, as a big “Thank you!” for their continuing support of my work.
3 beginner pattern blankets: GEOMETRIC, DOUBLE CHEVRON and TRINGLES. 4 sizes. The patterns will be in my blog (you know I want to make as many of my patterns available for free). I will add the option to by PDF copies of the patterns for $1 here in my blog. And I’ll send PDF copies of them to ALL my patrons.
BUNNY BABY ROMPER. Easy pattern. 4 sizes too. This one will go straight to my shops, but will be free for patrons “Members of the Knit’s Watch” and elegible as free pattern for “Fan” patrons. My “Supporter” patrons will receive a discount coupon.
And, of course, I will continue publishing my 52SP patterns and finishing the Alphabet series. I will start a NUMBERS Series too!
So this has been a summary of what’s coming to Oh La Lana! during April. I am also working on some ideas for Earth Day that I will tell you later 🙂
Hugs for everyone!
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