BLOCK 5 of Blanket MKAL 2021

BLOCK 5 of Blanket MKAL 2021

BLOCK 5 of Blanket MKAL 2021

Block 5 is here!
I’m a little behind answering personal messages but please have patience. I’m determined to reply all this weekend 🙂
Happy Friday!

BLOCK 5 of Blanket MKAL 2021
SPOILER ALERT at the end:

Do you want to see what’s coming next week? At the end of this post, in the very last photo, you can see the next block peeking out in the background 👋 If you don’t want to see it, stop scrolling down when you reach my “SPOILER BELOW” sign there.

Or better still: keep scrolling down with your eyes closed and say “hello” in the comments section!

And so it begins.

Thanks for joining 🙌

And very happy knitting!

Did you just find this MKAL?

Japanese stitches sampler blanket (MKAL 2021)

The MKAL has ended, but you can buy the entire collection of patterns (12 different blocks) in my stores (here, Etsy and Ravelry). Thank you for your support!

BLOCK 5 of Blanket MKAL 2021

© Cecilia Fameli, 2021.
You’re welcome to sell your items produced from Oh La Lana! patterns! But you may not re-sale or re-distribute commercially my patterns in any manner. Thank you in advance for being respectful with my work!


Can you see the next block in the back?

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  1. Just curious – how come the “spoiler” is a picture of block 2, with block 3 in the corner? Shouldn’t it have been blocks 5 and 6?

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