free baby hat pattern free valentines baby hat free heart knitting pattern ohlalana You are loved hat

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My “YOU ARE LOVED” hats are worked flat and feature a textured heart in seed / moss stitch. They come in 4 sizes (newborn, 1 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months and toddlers) and are a perfect gift for Valentine’s day. Or any other day!  

Skill level: suitable for beginner knitters who know how to make k2tog and skp decreases (advanced beginners / easy level)

I hope you like them 🙂 And if you have some extra time and yarn, these are perfect as charity hats 😉 

The entire pattern for all sizes is below.

You can also purchase the pattern in a high quality PDF file for HERE or in my Etsy Shop HERE. 

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free baby hat pattern free valentines baby hat free heart knitting pattern ohlalana You are loved hat



Color codes are the same as in the written pattern.
Newborn: to fit 12’’ to 14’’ (30.5 to 35.5 cm) of head circumference.
1 to 6 months: to fit 14’’ to 16’’ (35.5 to 40.5 cm) of head circumference.
6 to 12 months: to fit 16’’ to 18’’ (40.5 to 45.5 cm) of head circumference.
Toddler: to fit 18’’ to 20’’ (45.5 to 51 cm) of head circumference.


  • 1 pair of straight needles US 6 (4 mm).
  • 1 pair of straight needles US 4 (3.5 mm).
  • Approx. 50 yds (46 m) / 65 yds (60 m) / 90 yds (82 m) / 120 yds (110 m) of DK (8 ply) yarn. OR of light fingering yarn (approx 3 ply) USED DOUBLE (double the yardage).
  • Stitch markers.
  • Tapestry needle to weave in yarn ends and scissors.


21 sts x 28 rows in stocking st with US 6 (4 mm) needles = 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm)


  • CO: cast on
  • BO: bind off
  • RS: right side
  • WS: wrong side
  • st: stitch
  • k: knit
  • p: purl
  • k2tog: knit 2 sts together
  • skp: slip 1 st as if to knit, knit 1 st, pass the slipped st over


1. CO 70 (82, 96, 110) sts with US 6 (4 mm) needles.

I always cast on and bind off stitches with larger needles than I use for the main work. This prevent my cast on and bind off rows from being too tight.

2. With US 4 (3.5 mm) needles work approx. 1’’ (2.5 cm) / 1.25’’ (3 cm) / 1.5’’ (4 cm) / 1.5’’ (4 cm) in 2/1 rib, ending with a WS row.

You can choose how the rib will look from the RS, as you can see in the photo below. The rib in the oatmeal hat is made by knitting *p2, k1* in the RS, whereas the pink one is made by knitting *k2, p1* in the RS.

free baby hat pattern free valentines baby hat free heart knitting pattern ohlalana You are loved hat

3. Change to US 6 (4 mm) and knit 1 row (RS) while making 11 (9, 13, 11) decreases as follows:

k4, (k2tog, k4) x 11 times
k8, (k2tog, k6) x 9 times, k2
k5, (k2tog, k5) x 13 times
k9, (k2tog, k7) x 11 times, k2

Now you have a total of 59 (73, 83, 99) sts.

4. Work 1 (1, 3, 5) rows in stocking stitch with 1 garter st at each border. While working the last WS row, place 1 marker at each side of the middle 21 sts. You’ll be making the textured heart over those sts.

5. Continue working as follows:

1 garter st, stocking st until marker, TEXTURED HEART PATTERN (see below) over 21 sts, stocking st until 1 st remain, 1 garter st.

6. Once you finish the last row that includes the Textured Heart Pattern, knit 2 (4, 8, 10) more rows in stocking st with 1 garter st at each side. While working the last row (WS) place 4 markers as follows:

– At 9, 23, 37, 51 sts from the beginning of the row.

– At 10, 28, 46, 64 sts from the beginning of the row.

– At 12, 32, 52, 72 sts from the beginning of the row.

– At 14, 38, 62, 86 sts from the beginning of the row.

free baby hat pattern free valentines baby hat free heart knitting pattern ohlalana You are loved hat
Markers are placed to signal where to make decreases in the next rows.


7. Now you are ready to make decreases in each RS row, in order to shape the crown of the hat. You’ll be decreasing 8 sts per row by k2tog BEFORE each marker and skp AFTER each marker. I write below, for each size, the rows in which you need to make decreases and the resulting number of sts after each one is done, so you can check your progress if you need to. Remove markers as you go in the last row.

Newborn size

1) 51 sts remain.
3) 43 sts remain.
5) 35 sts remain.
7) 27 sts remain.
9) 19 sts remain.
11) 11 sts remain.

1 to 6 months size

1) 65 sts remain.
3) 57 sts remain.
5) 49 sts remain.
7) 41 sts remain.
9) 33 sts remain.
11) 25 sts remain.
13) 17 sts remain.
15) 9 sts remain.

6 to 12 months size

1) 75 sts remain.
3) 67 sts remain.
5) 59 sts remain.
7) 51 sts remain.
9) 43 sts remain.
11) 35 sts remain.
13) 27 sts remain.
15) 19 sts remain.
17) 11 sts remain.

Toddler size

1) 91 sts remain.
3) 83 sts remain.
5) 75 sts remain.
7) 67 sts remain.
9) 59 sts remain.
11) 51 sts remain.
13) 43 sts remain.
15) 35 sts remain.
17) 27 sts remain.
19) 19 sts remain.
21) 11 sts remain.

8. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail.

9. Using a tapestry needle pass the yarn inside the 11 (9, 11, 11) sts to take them out of your knitting needle:

free baby hat pattern free valentines baby hat free heart knitting pattern ohlalana You are loved hat free baby hat pattern free valentines baby hat free heart knitting pattern ohlalana You are loved hat

10. Pull tightly to close. I usually give it another turn inside all sts.

5@0,25x 6@0,25x

11. Sew your hat using the lateral garter sts as guide:

8@0,25x 9@0,25x

12. Weave in yarn ends, and that’s it 🙂 

You can also purchase the pattern in a high quality PDF file HERE or in my Etsy Shop HERE. Use code LOVEHAT to get a 50% off discount.

Sneak peek


This is how the hat looks if you knit the main part it in seed / moss st instead of stocking st. Cute, right?

free valentines day baby hat seed moss stitch free baby hat knitting pattern


Over 21 sts.

Row 1) k all sts

Row 2) p all sts

Row 3) k10, p1, k10

Row 4) p9, k1, p1, k1, p9

Row 5) k8, (p1, k1) x 3 times, k7

Row 6) p7, (k1, p1) x 4 times, p6

Row 7) k6, (p1, k1) x 5 times, k5

Row 8) p5, (k1, p1) x 6 times, p4

Row 9) k4, (p1, k1) x 7 times, k3

Row 10) p3, (k1, p1) x 8 times, p2

Row 11) k4, (p1, k1) x 7 times, k3

Row 12) p3, (k1, p1) x 8 times, p2

Row 13) k2, (p1, k1) x 9 times, k1

Row 14) p3, (k1, p1) x 8 times, p2

Row 15) k2, (p1, k1) x 9 times, k1

Row 16) p3, (k1, p1) x 8 times, p2

Row 17) k2, (p1, k1) x 9 times, k1

Row 18) p3, (k1, p1) x 8 times, p2

Row 19) k4, (p1, k1) x 3 times, k1, (k1, p1) x 3 times, k4

Row 20) p3, (k1, p1) x 3 times, p3, (p1, k1) x 3 times, p3

Row 21) k4, (p1, k1) x 2 times, k5, (k1, p1) x 2 times, k4

Row 22) p5, k1, p9, k1, p5

Row 23) k all sts

Row 24) p all sts


moss stitch heart knitting chart seed stitch heart knitting chart ohlalana


Stockinette Stitch (also called Stocking Stitch)

RS: k all sts
WS: p all stsAlternate those 2 rows.

Seed / Moss Stitch

Row 1) *k1, p1*, repeat from * to *
Row 2) k over p, and p over k.
Always repeat row 2.


© Cecilia Fameli, 2019.
You’re welcome to sell your items produced from Oh La Lana! patterns! But you may not re-sale or re-distribute commercially my patterns in any manner. Thank you in advance for being respectful with my work!

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    • You’re welcome! And thank you for your message 🙂

  1. Lovely thank you. it would be awesome to have a print friendly button on the pattern.

  2. This such a lovely hat.Thank you for sharing. Can it be done on circular needles?

    • I am making this on circular needles. What do you mean by placing a marker on each side of the middle 21 middle stitches?

      • The 21/stitches are for the heart. You need markers to know where each row is the heart begins and ends.

  3. Cute pattern however for the 1-6mo. size the 82 stitches to cast on does not work for the rib as 82 is not a multiple of 3. it didn’t work for me?

    • It didn’t work for the newborn size either…(casting on 70)!!! So NOW what to do???

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  5. Is there another name for the lateral garter stitch? I’ve not heard of it before and haven’t been able to find any tutorials on it

    • Hi there. I’ve not heard of it either, I’m sorry. Unless you’re referring to that one garter stitch you knit at the borders to make seaming more easy. Could it be that?

  6. Casting on 70 for newborn size didn’t work out right in the very beginning… pearling one for the ribbing. Have one extra stitch at the end. Not a good start 😣

  7. I do not know how to figure out how many sts to cast on for a 20″. Is it possible?

    • Hi! With my knitting tension, I would cast on 124 sts to be sure. Let me know how it goes!

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  9. Am puzzled by the 110 cast on (for the toddler size) and how to work out the ribbing that is a multiple of 3. What do you suggest for the correction?? Many thanks!

    • Hi Patricia! I do the following: 1 garter st, *k2, p1*, 1 garter st (or 1 garter st, *p2, k1*, 1 garter st, depending on your preference). And use the garter sts at each side to sew at the end. Cheers!

      • Thanks so much for the incredibly quick reply! That makes perfect sense. Very cute pattern, thank you! I knit for World Vision and I know some sweet child will feel the love!
        Just wondering- have you even knit this on circular needles, I realize it would need adapting.

      • You’re welcome, I’m happy you to hear you find it useful. I did make some on circular needles! You should have to drop those 2 sts at the sides (the ones you use for sewing at the end). For the toddler size, you should cast on 108 directly. Or cast on 109 sts and then knit together the first and last st you casted on when joining your circle 😉
        If you have more questions, I’m here!

  10. Good morning I paid via Paypal but I have not found the YOU ARE LOVED pattern in my download. I only got a WIN ZIP file that I really was not interested in but now have it. I want to get started and actually download this pattern. Thank you

    • Hello Nancy. After the payment was cleared by PayPal you should’ve received an email with a download link. I’ll write to your email right now to help you.

  11. I’m feeling mathematically challenged:) If I cast on 70 stitches for the newborn hat, have a garter stitch at the end of each row, that leaves 68 stitches, doesn’t it? And that’s not evenly divisible by 3.

    • Not at all, you’re right! But when i designed this pattern I made the original instructions with the 2×2 rib in mind. You can work (if you prefer the p2, k1 rib) as follows (RS): 1 garter st, *p2, k1* until 3 sts remain in your right needle, p2, 1 garter st. I hope this helps!

  12. Thank you! Now I understand how it works. The hat is sweet and due to your speedy response I can start it this evening!

    • Great, I’m so happy to hear it! Enjoy your knitting 🤗

  13. I an having trouble with decreasing the hat for a 6moth Placing the markers were you said it is not centered and i run out of stiches with the two middle markers Putting on the fist marker at 37 stiches only leaves 21 stiches after you put the last marker on.

    • When you say 6 month you refer to the size 6 to 12 m, right? Let’s see… Maybe we use markers differently? I place my markers AFTER each stitch I mentioned in the instructions. Did you placed the marker #1 after st 12, marker #2 after st 32, marker #3 after st 52 and marker #4 after st 72?

  14. My toddler sized hat turned out huge!!! Checked my guage too before starting. End result could easily fit a large adult.

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  16. Do you have any guidance for how to sew the seam? I’m having trouble with that! It’s a beautiful pattern!!

  17. I’ve never used markers before, and can’t get my head around it. Is there any way you could note the number of stitches for each line between each decrease, e.g. for the first line of the 1-6mth pattern:
    knit 9, k2tog, skp, knit 14, k2tog, skp, knit 14, k2tog, skp, knit 14, k2tog, skp, knit 10. Thank you!

  18. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern, so kind of you to share it with everyone

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