About my Mystery Lace Blanket KAL’s versions

I was asked for some clarification about my Mystery Lace Blanket KAL 2020 versions. It seems some people thought they should have to wait for the third pattern to be released to start the seamless version, so I better clarify some things.

Version 1: Individual blocks

  • 15 blocks, with a different lace pattern for each.
  • each square is 12” x 12” after blocking.
  • 6 rows of garter stitch at each end of the block (top and bottom).
  • 5 garter sts at each side of the block.
  • you can change the blocks distribution before joining them at the end.

Bujo a@0,25x

Version 2: Seamless blanket

By following my instructions you’ll end up with a blanket that has:

  • 15 sections of approx. 4” (10 cm), each one featuring a different lace pattern.
  • 8 rows of garter st at each end (top and bottom of the blanket).
  • 6 garter sts at each side of the blanket.
  • 4 rows of garter st between lace patterns.
  • you CAN’T change the lace patterns distribution unless you wait for me to share all 15 to start knitting.

Bujo b@0,25x

Important notes

You’re welcome to change things to your liking. For instance, you could add a crochet border to each square before joining them. Or use a provisional cast-on for the seamless version. Or knit the beginning and ending rows (and lateral stitches) with a different stitch than garter. But any modification you decide to do is your own. I can help by answering questions, but it would be impossible for me to provide detailed instructions for each knitter’s modification ideas.

Please: write below any question, suggestion or comment you may have. I always try to answer all of them, as quickly as I can.

Happy knitting!


PS: sorry about blotches, mistakes, etc. in my photos. My bullet journal was supposed to be for my eyes only, but I thought this photo was the easier and faster way to answer. And especially, sorry about the doodles! I’m horrible at drawing, but I enjoy a lot doing it anyway 😄 Now you know me a little bit more!

2 thoughts on “About my Mystery Lace Blanket KAL’s versions

  1. Thank you very much! That is helpful. I think I get it now. We don’t do either the bottom or side borders until the end. I assume the purpose of the provisional cast on at the beginning is just that it eliminates having t pick up the bottom edge stitches is that right?

    One other question: What if I wanted to do the first blanket with individual squares seamlessly?” Is there a way I could divide them with garter in between to work 3 different squares in a row seamlessly according to diagram 1?–IF that makes sense.

    1. I’m glad it helped! Exactly, you’ll avoid picking up stitches at the bottom.
      Yes, you could do the blanket seamless with the look of having worked it in blocks! But you should have to wait until I release the third pattern to start.

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