BEGINNER Blanket MKAL 2022

Hello, and welcome to my BEGINNER Blanket MKAL 2022 information summary page and FAQ! In this post you will find some idea of what the project is, as well as the general information and materials for each size (yes, it comes in 2 sizes and I’ll tell you why below). Although we start this project onContinue reading “BEGINNER Blanket MKAL 2022”

Dishcloth Set 4 free patterns

DISHCLOTH SET 4 free patterns In my new “Dishcloth set 4 free patterns” I share 4 designs: 2 have a BEGINNER level (only KNITS and PURLS) and the other 2 are suited for INTERMEDIATE knitters. Of course, in addition to using them as dishcloths / washcloths, they’re perfect as blocks to make blankets. Or many smallContinue reading “Dishcloth Set 4 free patterns”

Hello and mistake in Block 3 chart

Hello! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to answer sooner the questions about the Block 3 chart. I took some days off to make a trip. Yes, I know, bad timing, but I was about to lose it because I had changed the date many times due to the COVID outbreak and I couldn’t change itContinue reading “Hello and mistake in Block 3 chart”

HOW to make the LOOP in Block 2

How to make the LOOP in Block 2 (MKAL 2021) and Block 1 (MKAL 2022). Hi! I was asked this question recently and I decided to take some quick photos to show you all. I apologize for the horrible photos! It’s night in here and my lights are far from wonderful for this. Now youContinue reading “HOW to make the LOOP in Block 2”


DISHCLOTH SET N° 3 My new dishcloth set free pattern includes 4 NEW designs: LEANING, MIRROR, LITTLE BOXES and CRISS CROSS. All have a BEGINNER level (only KNITS and PURLS) 🙂 Of course, in addition to using them as dishcloths / washcloths, they’re perfect as blocks to make blankets. Or many small blankets! You can alsoContinue reading “DISHCLOTH SET FREE PATTERN”

FREE dishcloth knitting patterns

FREE dishcloth knitting patterns – 4 patterns to make 10” cloths A customer asked me recently to modify my Dishcloth Set 2 to make each square 10 inches by 10 inches. The original size of the patterns is 8.75” x 8.75” (the same as every pattern of my 52 Square Pickup, Alphabet and Numbers collections, asContinue reading “FREE dishcloth knitting patterns”

BICYCLE dishcloth knitting pattern

BICYCLE dishcloth knitting pattern With my pattern for a 🚲 BICYCLE dishcloth we end up the BEGINNER BLANKET MKAL 2020 project. At last! I really love how it turned out, and I hope you do too 🙂 xo Ceci –> Do you want to see this pattern in Ravelry to add your project? Click HERE. –> IfContinue reading “BICYCLE dishcloth knitting pattern”

GIRAFFE knitting pattern 🦒

GIRAFFE knitting pattern 🦒 – BLOCK 27 of Beginner Blanket MKAL 2020! Hi! How are you? I have two patterns pending for you: GIRAFFE 🦒 and BICYCLE 🚲 (out tomorrow). And then a very easy and quick baby sweater! Take care and happy knitting, Ceci PS: if you support me on Patreon or made a donation for my “BEGINNERContinue reading “GIRAFFE knitting pattern 🦒”


HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN dishcloth knitting pattern 🎃 Looking for some last minute knitting for Halloween gifts and decorations? I’m sure you’ll find this pattern very useful! And, if you need more, you can also use my SPIDER 🕷🕸 Happy knitting, and Happy Halloween! Ceci PS: if you support me on Patreon please check your email inbox  –> DoContinue reading “HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN dishcloth”