EASTER BUNNY knitting pattern

EASTER BUNNY knitting pattern for dishcloths or blanket blocks. BEGINNER level (only knits and purls). By Cecilia Fameli for Oh La Lana!

SCATTERED DIAMONDS knitting pattern

SCATTERED DIAMONDS knitting pattern, beginner level (only knits and purls), 52SP size.

BROKEN CHEVRON knitting pattern

BROKEN CHEVRON knitting pattern, beginner level (only knits and purls), 52SP size.

CHECKERBOARD knitting pattern

CHECKERBOARD knitting pattern, beginner level (only knits and purls), 52SP size.

YOU ARE LOVED Adult Hat Pattern FREE

YOU ARE LOVED Hat knitting pattern for ADULTS, with textured heart. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! Have some time and yarn to spare? The pattern is also great for charity knitting! 😉

Dishcloth Set 6 free 4 new patterns

DISHCLOTH SET 6 free patterns In my new “Dishcloth set 6 free patterns” I share 4 designs, all of which have an INTERMEDIATE level. That does not mean they’re difficult, but you need to know how to do techniques such as skp, k2tog, etc. Take a look at the abbreviations section to see more info. OfContinue reading “Dishcloth Set 6 free 4 new patterns”

BEGINNER Blanket MKAL 2022

Hello, and welcome to my BEGINNER Blanket MKAL 2022 information summary page and FAQ! In this post you will find some idea of what the project is, as well as the general information and materials for each size (yes, it comes in 2 sizes and I’ll tell you why below). Although we start this project onContinue reading “BEGINNER Blanket MKAL 2022”

Dishcloth Set 4 free patterns

DISHCLOTH SET 4 free patterns In my new “Dishcloth set 4 free patterns” I share 4 designs: 2 have a BEGINNER level (only KNITS and PURLS) and the other 2 are suited for INTERMEDIATE knitters. Of course, in addition to using them as dishcloths / washcloths, they’re perfect as blocks to make blankets. Or many smallContinue reading “Dishcloth Set 4 free patterns”

Hello and mistake in Block 3 chart

Hello! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to answer sooner the questions about the Block 3 chart. I took some days off to make a trip. Yes, I know, bad timing, but I was about to lose it because I had changed the date many times due to the COVID outbreak and I couldn’t change itContinue reading “Hello and mistake in Block 3 chart”