BLOCK “Breathe” of “12 blocks of Xmas” knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

“Breathe” Block

As I explained in my post for BLOCK 4 of “12 blocks of Xmas” KAL, “BREATHE” is an extra block pattern, just in case you need it to replace any of the others!



BREATHE: an extra block pattern

BREATHE extra block knitting pattern



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BLOCK 4 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

Block 4 and “Breathe” Block

Good morning!! Block 4 of our “12 blocks of Xmas” blanket is ready. And it is not alone!

Before we dive into knitting

As many of you have noticed, I was renewing my page, ordering articles and doing everything in the site more to my liking and easier to navigate.

That’s why in these last few days some of you stumbled upon out-of-service pages, broken links, or outdated download documents.

I apologize for the inconveniences that I could have caused with my work behind the scenes of OhLaLana!’s website!

Therefore I wanted to thank everyone for their patience. ❤

Are you enjoying this MKAL so far? I updated the “12 blocks for Xmas” post, with photos of each block sorted by date, where you will always be able to find the links to the patterns for each block.

The patterns (yes, plural)

Some of you are struggling with one of the patterns, or are stuck, or knitted and frogged a block several times. I know. We talked about it.


There are times when it is hard for us to focus. Or we are in a moment of our lives in which we have low spirits. Or we are just starting to learn! I believe that in those moments, more than inaction, the best thing to shake off frustration and bad humor is to undertake a simpler task. I find that helps me put the rest of things in perspective. And to lift my spirits, since it is highly probable that I will achieve the purpose of finishing that simple task. Then, with the renewed energy, recharged, I dedicate myself again to the initial one that I was finding impossible.

And most of the time it becomes possible.

It is not an infallible method to achieve any craft, but most of the time it works for me.

That is why I give you a second option today. So that, in case you need it, you can use it. Either to replace today’s block, or any other. Because I do not want any of you to get lost along the way, nor to leave the KAL if you really like it. My goal is that if you want to make the blanket, you make the blanket. The hard work will be yours, but this is my way to help and send good vibes.

All right. Let’s get to it, shall we?




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BLOCK 3 for “12 blocks of Xmas” knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

Block 3: Window drops?

Hello there!! How are you? It’s time for block 3 for 12 blocks of Xmas blanket!!

I saw a lot more blocks for the blanket since I last posted. In other words, a lot more people joined our KAL! There was also much more participation in the form of messages, consultations and suggestions. I always try to answer all messages quickly, and find a way to add your ideas and improvements to the project. In particular, you may have noticed that a new file option was added to block 2, specially prepared for novice knitters. The objective is to avoid confusion when they have to follow the instructions of the block pattern, and at the same time remember to make the edge stitches that were previously indicated. I integrated both instructions into a file with the name “Row-by-row“. I think it will be easier for beginners to follow.

Consequently, you will always see two PDF files for each pattern from now on: download the one that is most useful and comfortable for you. If any!

Why there’s a question mark in the title?

I found it hard to find a title for this block. If you can think of one, please comment! The only one that occurs to me is “Window drops” because it reminds me of the traces left by raindrops when falling on the window, but… I don’t know, it does not convince me. What do you think? Meanwhile, I leave the name with a question mark 🙂

Be careful when knitting this block. It looks very simple, but do not be fooled. It is necessary to pay attention when knitting it and it has a slightly different edge of the previous two: in addition to the 3 garter sts also has 1 stocking st added to each side.

Have a beautiful day, and I leave below the block 3, with the download links that I mentioned for those who prefer them.

Happy knitting!


PS: Have you noticed? Block 3 for “12 blocks of Xmas” blanket has no “idems” or parentheses x2!! 😛

You just find this MKAL?

Don’t worry, you can start now! Look for more info in the following page: “12 Blocks for Xmas” A new free knitting project to make a blanket in blocks.

You’re also welcome to join our Ravelry group.


BLOCK 3 Pattern

block 3 for 12 blocks of Xmas blanket


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Happy Monday!!

Did you have a good weekend? I did, beautiful. In addition to knitting and planning some new things, I played a lot with my son, mostly to volleyball and soccer. My waist did not thank me very much, but we had a lot of fun 😊 I also dedicated myself to work on the design for my new logo. I still have to finish it, but for now it seems to be on track. And I saw many # 1 blocks out there, both in Ravelry and Instagram! It is exciting that so many people have joined my “12 blocks for Xmas” project, I feel overflowing with gratitude.

I received several questions about how I plan to joining of the blocks when they are all finished. So, I bring the query to this post where there are probably more people reading. I have planned two ways: simple sewing and crochet union. If someone has more ideas, they can share them in the comments below. You might already realized that I read them all! 😉 I will try to summarize here the ones I received regarding construction and/or sewing of the blanket, in case you decide to adopt some:

  • Don’t close the blocks and make 3 needle bind off two by two. Less sewing at the end.
  • Knit the blanket in strips, instead of blocks. That is, instead of closing the stitches of block 1, leave them waiting on the needle to continue with block 2 there. I recommend in this case to add 2 more k rows between blocks to replace the binding off and casting off rows lost.
  • Make the blanket in one piece, without seams. In this case, you would have to wait for the blocks 1, 2 and 3 to be published, and make them at the same time.

As more ideas come up, I will also share them here to you reach you all.

I leave below the pattern for Block 2, and the download link for those who prefer it.

Happy knitting!





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When knitting something flat in any of my patterns, I always advise to slip the first stitch without knitting it. I was recently asked how to do it. What a good question from someone who’s just starting to knit!!! So here I am, taking photos and writing a post 😀 

The idea behind my advise is to create a sturdier and more goodlooking border. See below the comparison:

8 with text

Some people slip the first st knitwise, others do it purlwise, others vary between doing it purlwise or knitwise depending on how that stitch was worked on the first row… We could discuss each opinion later, but I will point out here how I do it when knitting in garter stitch.  


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UPDATE: due to popular demand (haha!!) I added a download link for a Printer-friendly PDF version at the end of the post. 

Good day to you all!!

The time has come to start our “12 Blocks for Xmas”, yay!!! 😀

If you missed the presentation for the Mystery KAL, you can find it here: Introduction.

I know some of you are a bit anxious (and so am I!) so, with no further ado, here’s the first block:


Comp 1-small


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Hello there, and Happy Halloween!

Today I want to tell you about a new free project: to knit a blanket in blocks. I’m so excited to share my first mystery KAL (Knit-ALong)!! 🙂

Let me explain how it works.

I designed 12 blocks that I will share every Monday and Thursday, for 6 weeks. The first one will be published tomorrow, November 1st. The last one is scheduled to be released on Monday, December 10th. So, whether to make a Christmas gift or to welcome the winter, we will finish with plenty of time to catch up if we fell behind with the knitting. And to assemble the blanket, of course.

What do you think? Would you like to join me? I give you more details…

12 Blocks for Xmas

I named the blanket “12 Blocks for Xmas”.


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