BLOCK 12 of Blanket MKAL 2021

BLOCK 12 of Blanket MKAL 2021, ohlalana, blanket kal

BLOCK 12 of Blanket MKAL 2021


I’m sorry to be uploading this one day later than it should, but yesterday I had a vet emergency (it was scary but thankfully my dog is fine).

Block 12 is the last one of this series! Nevertheless, next Friday I’ll share with you the instructions for the hat and the cowl scarf that complete the project 😀

I hope you’ve enjoyed this MKAL!!



BLOCK 12 of Blanket MKAL 2021, ohlalana, blanket kal

Japanese stitches sampler blanket (MKAL 2021)

The MKAL has ended, but you can buy the entire collection of patterns (12 different blocks) in my stores (here, Etsy and Ravelry). Thank you for your support!

How about the FREE version of the MKAL?

As I wrote at the beginning of this MKAL, I wanted to give you the possibility of following this MKAL for FREE by publishing every pattern here in my blog as soon as I release it.

Next Friday (Dec 3rd) I’ll be deleting the full instructions on each post and replacing them for links to purchase the patterns (either individually or the whole collection).

BLOCK 12 of Blanket MKAL 2021, ohlalana, blanket kal

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2 thoughts on “BLOCK 12 of Blanket MKAL 2021

  1. As a dog(s) owner, I am happy to hear your dog is fine. I know what a worry it is when you don’t know what is happening! Anyway – thank you for these wonderful blocks! I may even incorporate some of your cable combinations into other projects 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it’s terrible! He had a little operation before (a very small tumor at one eyelid) but this is the first time he was sick. Pretty lucky for an 8 year old boxer, but still… I’m happy you like the blocks 😀 xo

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