BLOCK 11 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

Diagonal stitch knitting pattern BLOCK 11 of 12 blocks Xmas knitted blanket OhLaLana dishcloth free pattern

I knew I was going to be out of my home yesterday all day. For that reason, I wrote the post on Wednesday and I had left it programmed so that it would be published on Thursday at 10 am. Clearly, I did something wrong… I’m sorry!!

Block 11: Diagonal

Hello!! I leave you below the pattern for our 11th block. Just one more to go!!! Next week, after our last Monday’s block, we’ll discuss 3 different ways to join the squares. 

Happy knitting!


PS: look carefully at the instructions for side sts, they are a bit different than the previous ones.

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BLOCK 10 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

Basket stitch knitting pattern BLOCK 10 12 blocks Xmas knitted blanket OhLaLana dishcloth free pattern

Block 10: Basket

Hi there! Today’s block features basket stitch, one of the most beautiful beginner patterns, in my opinion. I suddenly remembered one of the judges of the series “The Good Wife” 😉

We are nearing the end of our project! Within a week we will be planning different ways of joining squares. I hope to make it in time with my white ones (I’m very very behind).

See you soon!


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BLOCK 9 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

Polka dots knitting pattern BLOCK 9 12 blocks Xmas knitted blanket OhLaLana dishcloth free pattern

Block 9: Polka Dots!

Hello my knitting friends!! I keep working hard for Yaguareté, to make sure all orders arrive in time for Christmas. But I also work hard for this KAL too 🙂 Today’s block IS NOT the original one that I have planned to publish today, but a new one. In a rush of inspiration, I decided yesterday that I wanted some knitted polka dots in this blanket (I loooove polka dots). So here I am, with my Polka Dots Block!! And it comes with a twist: you have to choose which side you like the most. 

Until Monday!


PS: do you like Teapot Cosies?


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BLOCK 8 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

BLOCK 8 12 blocks Xmas knitted blanket OhLaLana dishcloth free pattern

Block 8: Windmills

Hello!! Today I’m in a rush. I have so many Yaguareté orders to finish! 🙂 I leave you below the pattern for Block 8 of our “12 blocks of Xmas” blanket, featuring Windmills stitch.

Talk to you soon!

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BLOCK 7 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

BLOCK 7 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket OhLaLana dishcloth free pattern

Block 7: Rhombi

Hello!! A little late today, but Block 7 of our “12 blocks of Xmas” blanket is finally here!! Did you know that you can say “rhombuses” and “rhombi” as a plural for “rhombus”? I didn’t knew the second option, and love it 🙂 As you can see, I easily find a lot of little things to be happy about.

Today’s block is accompanied by a charity project. If you just came to this post to find the pattern for BLOCK 7, go directly to the title “BLOCK 7: RHOMBI”. Otherwise, continue reading.

Thanksgiving and harvest festivals

Some time ago I was thinking of publishing a free pattern today, especially knowing that most of the people who follow my blog are in the USA. As I did not know exactly on what day this year was celebrated, so I went to ask mr. Google 😊 The search helped me learn more about similar celebrations that take place in other countries around the world. Of course, each country gives it a different meaning, rooted in its own history and traditions, but they all have one thing in common: gratitude. Some are mainly harvest festivals, others are more religious ceremonies. I also discovered that there is something called “Giving Tuesday“, celebrated 5 days after Thanksgiving in USA. It is a festivity of charitable giving. Did you know it? Well, anyway, I thought I would write this, but I always like to learn new things 😊

In Argentina we do not have a special date like the US or Canadian Thanksgiving, but small local festivals for different crops. I think the most popular is the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia (Grape Harvest National Festival), which takes place every year in the province of Mendoza to celebrate the harvest of grapes (our province of Mendoza is known to produce delicious and internationally famous wines) In a National Geographic’s article, our Harvest Festival ranked number two on the Top 10 Harvest Festivals around the world, after Thanksgiving in Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts.

Being grateful

Leaving aside dates and countries, I think it is important to start each day with the spirit of Thanksgiving, taking a few moments to observe our life with gratitude. So, thinking of values like sharing our knowledge and helping others, I published today my pattern for charity hats for babies. They come in 3 sizes and they are knitted very quickly. You can find them in the following article:

Charity Baby Hats

If you have time and material to make some, I’m sure you can find local charities and hospitals happy to receive them.

Now, let’s get to our block 7. And happy Thanksgiving!!

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BLOCK 6 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

dishcloth free knitting pattern STAIRS 12 blocks Xmas

Block 6: Stairs

Hello there, how are you? Our Block 6 (STAIRS) of “12 blocks of Xmas” blanket is here!! This pattern is one of my absolute favorites. Rich in texture and with an elaborate appearance, it is perfect to make a whole blanket with it (I know I’m thinking about it!). Is also great to make easy and super absorbent dishcloths 🙂 It is hard to believe the pattern only calls for knits and purls. 

dishcloth free knitting pattern STAIRS 12 blocks Xmas

Once this block is finished, we will have half of our blanket finished. Can you believe it? Time flies… 



PS: For all of you in the US: Happy Thanksgiving in advance! I’m working on a post for Thanksgiving. Therefore, if you have a little time, make sure to check my website on Wednesday 🙂

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BLOCK 5 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

chains dishcloth knitting pattern

Block 5: Chains

The Block 5 CHAINS of our “12 blocks of Xmas” blanket requires concentration when working in it. This is due to the lack of “rest rows”, as I call rows that are all k stitches or all p stitches. The pattern has 10 rows that demand your full attention. And, it also has the 4-sts edge we encountered before in block 3.

So, as a general advice, I recommend that you do not try to make it while watching the last season of House of Cards. I say it from experience… I tried and failed 4 times before turning off Netflix and going back to my audiobook (“Mythos”, by Stephen Fry, in case you wonder).

Another thing that I wanted to draw your attention to is that this square has an elastic structure. In order to stretch it, you need to iron it or block it. All 12 squares should be blocked before assembling the blanket (a topic that I will cover a little later), but if you are intrigued by the blocking technique and can’t wait for my post, you can read more information in this article by Purl Soho. For now, be aware that you need to stretch it across before measuring its length (to check if it reached 9.25’’ (23.5 cm) and you should knit the top edge).

I hope you’re all enjoying the KAL so far!



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BLOCK “Breathe” of “12 blocks of Xmas” knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

BREATHE extra block knitting pattern

“Breathe” Block

As I explained in my post for BLOCK 4 of “12 blocks of Xmas” KAL, “BREATHE” is an extra block pattern, just in case you need it to replace any of the others!



BREATHE: an extra block pattern

BREATHE extra block knitting pattern

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BLOCK 4 of 12 blocks of Xmas knitted blanket – OhLaLana!

12 blocks for xmas diamond padding stitch

Block 4 and “Breathe” Block

Good morning!! Block 4 of our “12 blocks of Xmas” blanket is ready. And it is not alone!

Before we dive into knitting

As many of you have noticed, I was renewing my page, ordering articles and doing everything in the site more to my liking and easier to navigate.

That’s why in these last few days some of you stumbled upon out-of-service pages, broken links, or outdated download documents.

I apologize for the inconveniences that I could have caused with my work behind the scenes of OhLaLana!’s website!

Therefore I wanted to thank everyone for their patience. ❤

Are you enjoying this MKAL so far? I updated the “12 blocks for Xmas” post, with photos of each block sorted by date, where you will always be able to find the links to the patterns for each block.

The patterns (yes, plural)

Some of you are struggling with one of the patterns, or are stuck, or knitted and frogged a block several times. I know. We talked about it.


There are times when it is hard for us to focus. Or we are in a moment of our lives in which we have low spirits. Or we are just starting to learn! I believe that in those moments, more than inaction, the best thing to shake off frustration and bad humor is to undertake a simpler task. I find that helps me put the rest of things in perspective. And to lift my spirits, since it is highly probable that I will achieve the purpose of finishing that simple task. Then, with the renewed energy, recharged, I dedicate myself again to the initial one that I was finding impossible.

And most of the time it becomes possible.

It is not an infallible method to achieve any craft, but most of the time it works for me.

That is why I give you a second option today. So that, in case you need it, you can use it. Either to replace today’s block, or any other. Because I do not want any of you to get lost along the way, nor to leave the KAL if you really like it. My goal is that if you want to make the blanket, you make the blanket. The hard work will be yours, but this is my way to help and send good vibes.

All right. Let’s get to it, shall we?



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