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HOW TO: Twisted Yarn Over – Increase without a hole

how to Twisted Yarn Over Increase without a hole

In my TRAFUL Easy Vest**, I use Twisted Yarn Over increases to shape the armholes on the back. If you’re not sure to know what a Yarn Over is, please visit the post about it here. Twisted Yarn Over: Increase without a hole In…

HOW TO: Knitted Yarn Over – Creating a hole

You can knit the yarn over through its front loop (or front leg) with the purpose of creating a hole.  Let’s see how. 1) Knit until you reach the YO made on the previous row.


Yarn over YO tutorial

A YARN OVER (YO) is the simplest method to make an increase. It consists simply of interposing your thread (yarn over) between two consecutive stitches, and working into it on the next row, creating a new stitch. YO is also widely used in lace…