Beginner Blanket of Blocks MKAL 2020

I’ll organize here every post related to this project, starting with the “Introduction and FAQ”. This way, you can bookmark this page and have all the info in one place.

Each time I release a new pattern, I’ll paste the link below.

Happy knitting!


Introduction and FAQ

1. CAT








9. DOG

10. OWL


12. DUCK





17. Release date: Tuesday, July 14th

18. Release date: Friday, July 24th

19. Release date: Tuesday, August 4th

20. Release date: Friday, August 14th

21. Release date: Tuesday, August 25th

22. Release date: Friday, September 4th

23. Release date: Tuesday, September 15th

24. Release date: Friday, September 25th

25. Release date: Tuesday, October 6th

26. Release date: Friday, October 16th

27. Release date: Tuesday, October 27th

28. Release date: Friday, November 6th


NOTE: I was asked for a one time donation button for my new projects, for those retired or living on a limited budget (thus, for those who can’t afford to support me every month in Patreon but still want to collaborate financially with my work). That’s what you see below. I’m very grateful to the lady who suggested the idea, but please remember that IS NOT NECESSARY to contribute to join the KAL. Each pattern of  will stay FREE in my website.





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Beginner Blanket MKAL 2020

You can use this form if you want to help me finance this project (materials, photo editing software, designing time, etc) or just want to invite me a coffee 😀 Thank you so much!


12 Comments on “Beginner Blanket of Blocks MKAL 2020

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  2. Where is the sign up page for the beginner Kal please !

    • Hello Anika-jade! There is no sign up page. You can check the release dates in the following link:
      I send a PDF file with the pattern (each time I release one) to my patrons and to every person that donated to this project. But the pattern is also kept free for everyone in my website 🙂

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  9. ok at first i was confused with instructions but with some outside help they helped me understand the pattern and now i have completed two outa nine slow as doing other things but i love how they turn out and plan to complete all of them. Thank you also had misplaced then had to reprint but devil i still on the job again thank you….

    • You’re welcome 🙂 Enjoy your knitting, Beverly!

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