Working on my new freebie…

Hi there! You problably wonder… Well, here’s the answer: I’m working on my next freebie: Baby Bloomers! I started designing the 12 to 18 months size. I always start with the larger size because if I did some mistake in any calculation based on my tension/gauge square, there will be more evident. I think I’llContinue reading “Working on my new freebie…”

Seed Stitch Dishcloth FREE KNITTING PATTERN – OhLaLana!

Hi there, Today I wanted to share my Moss Stitch / Seed Stitch Dishcloth free knitting pattern. Seed stitch is my favorite pattern for washcloths, since it combines an extra absorbent texture with a great scrubbie power. Plus is very easy to make!!   So, if you’re a knitter in search of an easy and quick project, eitherContinue reading “Seed Stitch Dishcloth FREE KNITTING PATTERN – OhLaLana!”

Rainbow Crochet Playmat FREE PATTERN – OhLaLana!

Hello there, I decided to start this blog by posting my crochet playmat free pattern. This rug is one of the most popular items in my shop Yaguareté. You can see it in Etsy here: RAINBOW CROCHET PLAYMAT. It will certainly brighten up any room! And is perfect to decorate Montessori and Waldorf classrooms. Of course, you canContinue reading “Rainbow Crochet Playmat FREE PATTERN – OhLaLana!”

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