52-SQUARE PICKUP: An all year round KAL

My first KAL for 2019 is about to start, YAY!! I’m posting the characteristics today to give you time to gear up. The first pattern of the “52-square pickup” KAL will be published in January 4th. —–> (Update Jan 5th) You can find it here already!

If you want to add this project to your Ravelry library, click here. I add the link to each new block there, as soon as I release them. And, if you want more patterns to add to this project, I recently adapted all patterns from my “12 Blocks for Xmas” blanket to the same number of stitches and rows than the “52 Square Pickup” ones. You can find them HERE.

I wanted to thank here to Nicola, one of the gals in our Ravelry group (or should I say “lass”? 😉 for giving this KAL a nice name. I was at a loss for ideas! And, speaking about Ravelry, we will continue with the group throughout all 2019. I renamed it as “Oh La Lana!’s KALs”and everyone is welcome to join. I will be sharing the link to each new post regarding my KALs there, as well as in my community forum at Patreon.

52-Square Pickup 5



  • 1 straight needle US 7 (4.5 mm) for Casting on and Binding Off sts.
  • 1 pair of straight needles US 6 (4 mm).
  • For EACH BLOCK: approx. 70 yds (64 m) of DK yarn (8 ply). OR 140 yds (128 m) of light fingering yarn (approx 3 ply) USED DOUBLE.
  • Tapestry needle to weave in yarn ends and scissors.


21 sts x 28 rows in stocking st with US 6 (4 mm needles) and DK yarn =  4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm)


  • Skill level of BEGINNER (only use knits and purls!)
  • I’m designing all squares with the same number of stitches and rows, as I did for the “12 Blocks for Xmas” blanket. In this case, they will be 43 stitches wide and have 63 total rows.
  • The approximate measure for each of my blocks is 8.75” x 8.75” (22.5 cm x 22.5 cm). Of course, this will vary if your tension is different than mine or if you decide to knit them with another yarn weight and needle size.
  • They will have 4 rows garter st at each end (casting-on and binding-off edges) and 4 garter stitches at each side. This means that the internal surface (my stitch pattern design playground!) has 35 stitches x 55 rows.
  • PDF files. I decided to keep going the extra mile and create PDF files for each square. Specially knowing that some of you find them so useful to share in nursing homes, hospitals, addiction recovery centers, education courses, etc.

If you read my goals for Oh La Lana! in 2019, you know that I also will be publishing alphabet dishcloths. They all have the same characteristics as these.


I know, 52 is a weird number. Interesting for a mathematician or a pianist but when it comes to turn 52 squares into a blanket it’s just impossible. My goal is to release one pattern each week throughout all year, and that’s where the number came from: a year has 52 weeks.

So what can you do with such a strange number of squares? Well, you can make blankets in different sizes (you can see the standard blanket measures in a table here), or a small blanket only with the patterns you like most… Or just use my patterns to make dishcloths, whatever you like!


If you’re planning to join the squares to make a blanket, and you are not a fan of sewing the blocks (just like me 🙂 ) you can save yourself A LOT of sewing by knitting in strips. Just add an odd number of rows (1, 3, 5… your choice!) between patterns, to replace the cast-on and bind-off rows.

I hope you like the idea and join me in this new project! And as always, I would love to see your results! You can upload them to Ravelry or share them on Instagram with the tag #52squarepickup

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!



PS: I will make a blue blanket for Tomi with my squares!


64 Comments on “52-SQUARE PICKUP: An all year round KAL

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  3. If I am making a blanket in strips should the ridges between be in the larger or smaller needle? This is a perfect project for some of my stash yarn. My 2019 goal is to make a dent in the treasures I have acquired.

    • Hello Sally!
      Smart choice, you’ll save yourself a lot of sewing 🙂 You should use the smaller ones and use the larger needles only to casting and binding stitches. And I also advise you to add 2 more rows between each square pattern, to make up for the cast-on and bind-off rows you won’t be doing.
      Happy knitting!

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  9. On which row did you add the extra stitches. The fourth roe of the garter stitch or the first row of the flag stitch. Thank you

    • Hello Karen.

      Once you finish the first block (flags), AFTER the final 4 rows in garter st. You can add 1 row of garter stitch or 3 or more if you want to add length to your project, but always an odd number to end up with an WS row. I’m making 3 rows of garter stitch between patterns. After these extra 3 rows of garter, you start the second pattern (Little Gems) just as it is: 4 rows in garter st and then the pattern.

      I hope this make sense to you!

      • Not really. I’m the instructions you said you added 6 extra stitiches to give you the 35 that you needed I presume for the flag shop pattern but you don’t say which row you do it on

      • Oh, I understand now! I’m sorry 🙂
        I already included them in the instructions. In the post of the FLAGS pattern (https://ohlalana.com/flags-stitch-pattern/) you can see the instructions for each row. In the odd rows of the pattern, those 6 extra stitches are AFTER the brakets. In the even rows, they are BEFORE.
        For example, let’s take the first row:
        Row 1) (RS) k1, [p1, k6], p1, k5
        “p1, k5” are the 6 extra stitches I added to the pattern to reach our needed 35. Otherwise, the FLAGS stitch pattern is knitted over a number of stitches that is a multiple of 7, plus 1 additional st to form the first flagpole.

      • You can also download the file at the end for ROW-BY-ROW instructions if you find it useful 🙂
        Please, ask me again if you need more help or clarification.

      • Hi just had a terrible fright. Clearing up my phone and lost my short cut to you on a happy more I am up to date with the blocks and busy with the current one.

      • Hi Karen! How are you? I’m glad you didn’t get lost 🙂 In any case, you can always find Oh La Lana! in a Google search, so don’t worry.
        Great work, keeping up to date! I wish I could say the same about my blue blanket, I’m still a bit behind.

    • You’re welcome! I’m happy to have being helpful after my confusion 😣😌

      • So cross with my self. Tried to do knitting while I’ve been off sick.now it looks like I’ve missed half a pattern block . Already two blocks behind so will finish the block and redo later. Really thought I would be ok to knit. Just don’t have he strength to redo the whole block or unlock to the mistake. Need positive vibes please

      • Hi Karen.
        I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather, but we all go through bad periods of time. The important thing is not to get discouraged and keep putting the best energy into everything you do. And especially, be kind and patient with yourself. Trust you. Trust the process.
        For every pattern I publish there are many others that go wrong, or in which I make mistakes. Or that I have to completely undo and start over. But I am convinced that this is also a big part of learning, and that it will help me to become a better knitter.
        A few years ago, I was very happy when my doctor gave me permission to start knitting again after my mastectomy. I was still doing chemo. And I can not explain how many mistakes I made at that time. It was a disaster! My mind seemed to be anywhere else. I lost track of which row I was supposed to be in, I found myself with more or less stitches than I should… Not to mention the times when I started to knit something with a double strand and suddenly I found myself with half the work done with a single strand, and the other hanging behind somewhere.
        But I decided to take it easy. I still had hands and eyes, didn’t I? And with practice and a lot of patience, I was sure that I would recover my concentration again. And I did it.
        On the worst days, if I wanted to knit, I made squares in garter st. I have a lot of dishcloths from that time still. And made 2 blankets with garter squares that I donated to charity. Being able to finish even the simplest of things, and being useful to others gave me a big confidence boost.
        Well, that was my experience with discouragement and I wanted to share it with you, with the hope that it will help you.
        Again, I ask you to be patient and kind to yourself. And I send you a big hug and lots of good vibes. I’m sure they’ll find you 🙂
        PS: I’m also behind with the blue blanket for my son. And while it bothers me a little bit, I’m very confident that I’ll finish it on time. We have many months ahead to catch up!

      • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Ended up redoing the block and feel much better for going that route. Really enjoying your patterns.

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  19. Hi thought I was up to date then I see block 13. Blaming it on night duty. I’ve looked at the blanket sizes and if i do 2 of each block I’m pretty close to a nice blanket. So I’m redoing each block but I’m different colour in between the new blocks. Wish me luck

    • Hi Karen! You were up to date, until I publish this week’s pattern a few hours ago 😉 You’ll end up with a very big blanket making 2 of each! Of course I wish you all the luck 🙂

      • Can’t believe I’m waiting for the next block. Busy with extra blocks for now. I’m impressed with the different patterns you are creating with two stitches.

      • Have completed 21 blocks so far. Where can I post a picture

      • Wow, that’s great! You can share it in Instagram and mention @ohlalana.designs
        Or in Ravelry! Do you use Ravelry?

  20. Oh La Lana, I’ve just found your blog and am so excited. I’m a beginner knitter so this is perfect for me to learn with. My friend and I are wanting to do this and join them for a blanket. We had thought about a color changing ombre type yarn but we have made no decisions yet. Can you give any yarn advice or suggestions.

    • Hello there! I’m so happy you’ve found my blog 🙂 I usually tend to favor solid color yarns when knitting this kind of blanket, because some patterns may get lost in a variegated yarn. But that’s my opinion, and you might not share it! Each knitter has different taste, right? I would advise you and your friend to visit Ravelry and see the projects uploaded: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/52-square-pickup-kal-blanket/people
      You could find a lot of inspiration there (I know I do!)
      Welcome aboard,

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  23. Hi Cecilia,

    The 52 patterns is a great idea, thank you so much for sharing. Coincidentally, I started a project earlier this year of using similar patterns to make placemats and was browsing to find exactly these types of patterns for the remaining placemats!

    One question I had is on the number of stitches. I have been working with 4+50+4 (border/pattern/border) stitches. Would the patterns work if I dropped the additional 5 stitches you added to bring it to 35 (so I am working on a multiple of the main pattern repeat stitch number)?


    • Hi there!

      I’m glad you’ve found my blog 🙂 Of course you can add my 52 squares into your project. You’ll need to adapt the patterns a bit though, as you said. My patterns for this series don’t always repeat over the same amount of stitches (some are 8 sts repeats, some are 5, some are 6, etc), but I’m sure you’ll be able to make them work for you.
      Please, if you need help with that, let me know. And welcome aboard!

      • Thanks for coming back to me so quickly! I don’t think I asked my question very clearly. From your pattern, if I drop the additional stitches you added in each pattern to bring it to 35, so I am using just the pattern in brackets that repeat for the number of stitches I need, would that work?

      • I believe that I am the one that has not explained correctly 🙂 You need 50 pattern stitches, right? So, dropping everything that is outside the brackets won’t work unless the pattern repeats (what is inside the brackets) can be multiplied by an integer number to give you 50 as result.
        Let’s see three examples below.

        BLOCK 1: FLAGS (https://ohlalana.com/flags-stitch-pattern/)
        The pattern repeats over 7 sts + 1.
        7 repeats of [7 sts] = 49 sts. Plus 1 = 50. Perfect for you. You should drop the 6 sts I added outside the brackets for adjustment BUT NOT the extra 1. The instructions for your 50 sts should be:
        Row 1) (RS) k1, [p1, k6]
        Row 2) [p5, k2], p1
        Row 3) k1, [p3, k4]
        Row 4) [p3, k4], p1
        Row 5) k1, [p5, k2]
        Row 6) [p1, k6], p1

        BLOCK 2: LITTLE GEMS (https://ohlalana.com/little-gems-stitch-pattern/)
        The pattern repeats over 10 sts.
        Great for you! In this case, you absolutely drop everything outside the brackets.
        5 repeats of [10 sts] = 50 sts.
        The instructions for your 50 sts will be:
        Row 1) (RS) [k1, p1, k7, p1]
        Row 2) [p4, k1, p4, k1]
        Row 3) [k4, p1, k1, p1, k3]
        Row 4) [p2, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p3]
        Row 5) [k4, p1, k1, p1, k3]
        Row 6) [p4, k1, p4, k1]
        Row 7) [k1, p1, k7, p1]
        Row 8) [p1, k1, p5, k1, p1, k1]

        BLOCK 3: DIAGONALS (https://ohlalana.com/diagonals-dishcloth/)
        This pattern repeats over 6 sts. There is no integer number you can multiply by 6 and get 50 as result. So you will need to adjust the pattern for you. I’ll write below how would I do it.
        8 repeats of [6 sts] = 48 sts. Therefore, you need to work 2 extra sts. Those are left outside the brackets because they don’t represent a whole repeat of the pattern.
        The instructions for your 50 sts could be:
        Row 1) (RS) [p1, k5], p1, k1
        Row 2) k1, p1, [p4, k1, p1]
        Row 3) [k2, p1, k3], k2
        Row 4) p2, [p2, k1, p3]
        Row 5) [k4, p1, k1], k2
        Row 6) p2, [k1, p5]

        I hope all this helps you!

  24. Thanks a lot, I think I understand how that would work. I’ll reach out and let you know how it goes! 🙂

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  28. Hi I’m struggling to find the new squares. What is the easiest route please

    • Hello Karen. I’m posting each block here in my blog as usual. Are you not able to see them?

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  35. I have sent you an email explaining why I need the patterns for 52 pickup from 31 – 52. I.m wondering if you have seen it. My main problem with the patterns on this site is that when I try to call them up I just get a black screen. Can you help me?

    • Hello Leslie. No, I had not receive any email from you. If you sent it using the contact form here in my blog, I’m sorry to say is not working properly. I was receiving a ton of nasty spam and it looks somewhat blocked. I’ll need to look into it. Would you send it again to my email address directly? It’s ohlalana.designs@gmail.com
      In case it helps, you can find all links to my pattern bundles for 52 square pickup at the end of the EQUALITY post here: https://ohlalana.com/equality-stitch-pattern-block-52-of-52sp/ I was supposed to update them to their regular price but decided to let them as they are for the rest of the week.
      About your black screen problem, I have no clue. More than 1000 people from all over the world were (and some still are) using the files I shared with each block and none has reported me any trouble. Are you sure your software is updated? That’s the only thing I can think off, but I’m not an IT genius (far from it!).
      Let me know if I can help you further.

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